Lean and Six Sigma Training Courses | Open, Onsite & Online Training

100% Effective Training are an expert training provider in Lean and Six Sigma. Our company was established in 1999, with the sole intention of becoming the UK's leading provider of online & open continuous improvement training. We specialise in Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training courses.

All our courses are available as in house, public, open and online training. We pride ourselves in practical, interactive, fun learning and we run courses nationwide including London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. Our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts are recognised as experts in their field and regularly give key note speeches at major seminars all over the world. Our Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma courses are available at Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt level online and as open or inhouse training courses.

Available upcoming training courses
Black Belt on May 12th in Manchester, London
Fast Track Belt on May 19th in Manchester, London
Black Belt on June 2nd in Manchester, London
Champion Belt on June 13th in Manchester, London
Practitioner Belt on June 16th in Manchester, London

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Train Online - Lean and Six Sigma eLearning
eLearning Training Courses Learning Lean Six Sigma Online

Online training is now available for our Lean and Six Sigma training courses. Enrol in the online course from home or work, during the day or at evenings / weekends. These courses are designed for flexibility.

eLearning Training Courses | Learning Lean Six Sigma Online

Onsite & Open Classroom Lean Six Sigma Training Courses
Lean Six Sigma Training Courses

Our Lean and Six Sigma training courses are available onsite (inhouse) and public (open classroom). Contact us for a quote.


Blended learning solutions are available, including onsite, open and online training. Create the perfect package for your company. Yellow Belt | Green Belt | Black Belt.

Lean Six Sigma Training Courses

CPD Certified Courses - Continuing Personal or Professional Development
Lean Six Sigma CPD Points

We are CPD Certified - Following a rigorous evaluation process, all our courses are now Certified by the CPD Certification Service. What this means for you...

Lean Six Sigma CPD Points

Fast Track Black Belt Training - 5 days
Fast Track Black belt training course

Certify in 5 days with our highly intensive Fast Track Certified Black Belt Training Course. Learn the skills and techniques associated with Lean Six Sigma to obtain Certified status within the 5 days.

Fast Track Black Belt training course

Coaching for You and Your Business
Lean Six Sigma Coaching

Coaching is available for all of our Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma training courses. Including face to face coaching and telephone coaching. Gain certification quicker, with our Master Black belt coaching surgeries.

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Bristol, Bedfordshire - Luton, Berkshire - Reading, Cambridgeshire - Peterborough, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Durham, Essex, Brighton, Cardiff, Gloucestershire, Kent, Lancashire - Blackburn, Blackpool, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Midlands - Birmingham, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Scotland - Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Tyne and Wear - Newcastle, Yorkshire - Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, York


Construction, healthcare, NHS, banking, financial services, finance, service, insurance, manufacturing, telecoms, transport, automotive, retail, logistics, public sector, aerospace.


Executives, MDs, Owners, Managers, Senior Managers, Engineers. Procurement, Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, HR, Customer Service, Quality, IT, Supervisors, Team Leaders.